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Fiction / Drama
Miles Roston
Produced by: 
Stephen Greenwald, Thierry Potok

A Dystopian Thriller

 Once COVID-19 passes, over 40 years after a famously failed attempt called 23F in Spain, overnight, the military succeeds in a coup d’etat.  With the sounds of helicopters hovering and soldiers marching, the right-wing immediately gets its desire – homosexuals are illegal and have to give up their adopted children, refugees must return to their countries to face certain death, Jews must leave, artist expression is forbidden, and all must sing the ‘Cara al Sol’ (Face the Sun), the Fascist anthem and salute the army rulers as in the “good old days”. All the high-tech utilities such as smart phones are not there for our use but to monitor our every move, to ensure we are doing as told.

Our heroes face a harsh world that threatens them at every turn: an Argentinian lesbian couple, two fathers with an adopted child, a Syrian refugee, a Jewish couple, and even a right-wing husband and wife who happily support the dictatorship but whose son is a rapper against the government and whose life is now threatened.  The only hope is one woman, an anarchist, who cleans the streets and is so far outside the system that the system doesn’t even know she exists.

Though fiction, the film is based on real laws in countries across Europe. As countries worldwide play ever more with far-right politics and authoritarian-style governments, one nation and its people are truly taken over. Using a novel approach, for the roles of the affected communities, the film is written and acted with members of them.