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Building Lives and Factories

Miles Roston
Cast & Crew: 
Producers: Carles Pastor, Jenny Lundström, Editor: Nahuel Gonzales Rebollar, Research: Veronique Gauvin
Produced by: 
Ethan Films & Gaia Audiovisuals, for UNIDO

Building Lives and Factories explores the past, present and future of industrial development, with a particular focus on the implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This visually stunning film depicts the history of industrialization, and its role in promoting social and economic growth, as well as the opportunities and challenges that accompany industrial progress and innovation.One of the stories in the 40-minute documentary details how rapid industrialization in Canet de Mar, Spain, at the beginning of the twentieth century enabled women to enter the labour market, ultimately changing household dynamics and even encouraging these women to claim the right to vote.

Produced on the occasion of UNIDO’s 50th anniversary, the documentary emphasizes the important role of inclusive and sustainable industrialization in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.