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Crossroads: Which way do we go?

Public Service
Miles Roston
Cast & Crew: 
Starring: Patrick O'Kane. DOP: Jimmy Gimferrer. Sound: Anna Rajadell. Production: Jenny Lundstrom
Produced by: 
Ethan Films with CTBTO

In a dreamlike setting, this film where the political meets the personal, a father demands to know what kind of world we want our children to grow up in: one without nuclear tests or a much darker post-apocalyptic version. A father reflects on his experience of growing up in a world of fear during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. Yet while Northern Ireland’s peace treaty was ratified, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, which opened for signature in 1996 and intends to stop nuclear weapons development, has been stuck in limbo for 20 years. Having vowed to raise his children without the sense of fear he grew up with, the father interacts with his son, aged 1 and then aged 20. He asks: “20 years on, which way will we go?”