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First Class (2016)

Fiction / Drama
Directed and Written by Miles Roston
Cast & Crew: 
Starring Lolu Ajayi, George Elias Tobal, Warner Kolf, Cinthia de Neef. DOP: Miles Roston, Lighting Director: Jan van Galen, Production Design: Matthew Curlewis, Sound Mix: Dyno Hedges
Produced by: 
Ethan Films, with support from Foundation for Democracy and Media, UAF, Scholars at Risk.
Completed. Premiered at Cannes Short Film Corner 2016

Based on a true story, Felix Kaputu is the story of a professor from the Congo who has the chance to stay in Europe, but prefers at first to go back home and teach where he believes he belongs, in Lumumbashi. Here he quotes the classics, believing that freedom in mind is the most important thing.  But once home, a local colonel accuses him of of leading a rebel army, then tortures, while his wife is told he is a homosexual and witch.  The film takes place partly in his mind;  past and present mingle as he prepares to teach his first class in a new land as a refugee forced to flee for his life. As he prepares over the course of one night to nervously to start life over again and teach his first class on African literature - just as he had done back home, he's forced to confront the nightmare he's lived through, literally as if it were indeed a dream - discovering himself being tortured even in the classroom full of students.