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First Kisses (2014)

Fiction / Drama
Miles Roston
Cast & Crew: 
Starring George Elias Tobal
Produced by: 
Ethan Films in collaboration with Stichting UAF

Daniel is a young Syrian actor on the rise and a refugee who had to wait 11 years for asylum. He has everything going for him, including his own theatre show.  But when his Dutch girlfriend demands to know at least something about his past, something even as simple as his first kiss, it unleashes a Pandora's box of memories of his life in the asylum centre as a 13 year old.  Memories of 13 year old Hannan, whose mother and herself are to be deported to Somalia.  As Hannan and his childhood self interject themselves into his current life with his girlfriend, the tragic events unfold; and the consequences of refugee life then and now are revealed.  This film is based on a true story of the Syrian actor George Elias Tobal's life; the actors playing refugees are themselves refugees and the film was made in an asylum centre.