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Three Seconds (in development)

Fiction / Drama
Miles Roston
Cast & Crew: 
Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Gangs of Wasseypur,The Lunchbox), Patrick O'Kane (Exorcist: The Beginning, Stealing Rembrandt)
Produced by: 
Thierry Potok, Film Polska and Jar Pictures.
In development.

THREE SECONDS is a modern thriller about taking action, no matter the consequence. 

A dark night in the Congo. Outnumbered UN Peacekeepers, including DAVID and ANNA, his commander, are prevented from protecting innocents from Rebels, because of headquarters - yet again.  When they finally get the order, one of the Bengali peacekeepers dies saving David’s life.
Time passes. In the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, extremist settlers attack a tribal village.  KALPANA  (17),  a headstrong young  woman, flees for the forest.  But she is trapped and brutally raped by the Settlers, urged on by ANWAR, an extremist leader, while the military commander Lt. NIZAAD watches, preventing his captain, HUSSEIN, from interfering.
In Europe, MINISTER AINSLEY demands a UN investigation. He calls in Anna, now a UN Director.  Anna, now a UN director, chooses David, due to his dedication.   The stakes are high: If Bangladesh military are aiding attacks against their own people, the largest force of peacekeepers worldwide could be in danger. 
But from the moment David arrives in Bangladesh, nothing is as it seems.  Everything he holds to be true will be tested, including his own reputation and life.
In the Hill Tracts, a troubled Hussein gives David a tour at Nizaad’s instructions - to hide the truth. But local investigator DUTTA (60s), ever in an overcoat in the sweltering heat inspired by the detective Colombo, tracks David down against all odds, Dutta shows him evidence of attacks against the tribe. Hesitant to violate orders, David still meets Kalpana. Moved by her, he teams up with Dutta, digging into a web of conspiracy involving billions that leads - to Ainsley.
But when David allows himself to find out the truth, spending time with the Chakma people and Kalpana, not only his life but reputation and future are put at risk, as they accuse him of spending the night of the young girl. As they head towards a violent confrontation with the extremists, the military, and Ainsley, David, Anna, Dutta and even Hussein break with all traditions and everything they hold dear to expose the truth.
Based on true events, the film is set against the background of a people who claim to be Buddha’s family, while the spectre of the genocide of 1971 haunts them all, and Western aid and the UN system aids and abets continued abuse.