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Jenny Lundström


Jenny has ten years of professional experience in the field of human rights, and six years in filmmaking. As a previous NGO Human Rights Officer based in The Hague, she worked closely with human rights defenders and minority communities in Europe, India and Bangladesh. She conducted field research and advocated for change with the UN and Governments, and worked for the inclusion and participation of minority groups within the UN and international mechanisms. In 2012, she produced her first documentary 'Bangladesh: Culture of Impunity' for Dutch TV Ned2, and has since then produced and provided research to numerous documentary and fiction projects, including two feature documentaries: The Subversives, and Refugees Who Needs Them?, the fictional shorts: First Class and Home Stories, as well as numerous films and public service announcements for the OHCHR, UNODC, UNISDR, UNIDO, CTBTO and others. Jenny holds a Masters Degree in Human Rights from Lund University, Sweden.  She speaks Swedish, English, Dutch and Spanish.